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5 Quirky Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom Over The Weekend

Considering the time we spend at home, the bedroom is essentially our life. It is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces in our houses.

To have a dreamy, comfy bedroom with perfect accessories and ambience is not a crime. And you do not need to spend thousands of rupees behind it.

It is a common notion that any kind of renovating can cost you a lot. This is actually a myth if you know how and where to invest your money.

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Switch Plates

5 Switch Plate Details Your Interior Needs

Consider the traditional switch plates: plastic, dull, plain whitein color. These switches do not add anything to your interiors and are often overlooked.

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Kabaddi is one of the oldest sports in India. It marked its origin around 4000 years ago, in the epic tale of Mahabharata. Kabaddi is becoming the most sought after sport after cricket and football in India.

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Qualtiy LED Bulb

How To Check Quality of LED bulbs

We all need a proper source of lighting in order to carry on our daily routine smoothly. And therefore, LED bulbs have become an essential part of our lives.

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Types Of Wire

Types of Wires Your House Needs

Since the invention of electricity, our lives have been greatly dependent on it. From the moment we get up till the night when we fall asleep, 80% to 90% of our tasks are dependent on electricity.

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